Also, we only report on those companies in which we have an investment stake. In essence, “we eat our own cooking”.  Because we have an investment in the companies that we write about, there is a potential conflict of interest that you should be aware of.

We are not paid by, and receive no compensation, from the companies that we report about. In fact, oftentimes we must pay third-parties to have our research published on their web sites.

At Altitrade Partners our philosophy is very simple and straightforward.

Making money in the  stock market is only half the job. Keeping it is the other half.

"We report about companies that we believe have the opportunity to reward investors handsomely, but at the same time carry significant investment risks far above what most investors are used to, or comfortable with. "

High risk = High reward.

Our ideas tend to come from an exhaustive combination of research and due diligence. We pore over articles in industry magazines and trade journals. We read company filings, and oftentimes talk with management to gain a better understanding and insight into their strategic focus and marketing plans for the company’s products and services. We read press releases and news articles from a variety of different sources.

That being said, we do not encourage investors to rely only on our work.  We encourage everyone to perform their own due diligence and research before making any investment decision.  PLEASE READ OUR DISCLAIMER BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE.